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Fix Medical Group

We know the importance of intently listening to a client so, as a team, we can understand where they have been and where they want to go. It is our commitment to understand your health goals and then work together to help you achieve them.
Our purpose is to help our clients identify the underlying cause of their problem and eliminate it! We treat the body as a whole, by focusing on your internal wellness as well as addressing the structure of your body.

We use our unique integrated approach to give our clients everything they need under one roof. We specialize in sports medicine and wellness care through our RESTART program. We believe that your health and the health of future generations begins with education. Through our coaching we dispel myths and misconceptions and give you the health advice that works. Our hope is that you will pass the information onto others so our younger generation can live in a well-informed, healthier world.

We thank you for placing your trust in FIX to achieve your health and wellness goals and to live the life you deserve.

Shawn Robek
Clinic Director - Scottsdale
Sam Wagg
Clinic Director - Rancho Bernardo
Patrick Cucarola
Clinic Director - Mission Valley
Chelsea St. Jacques
Director of Rehabilitation
Pamela Forbes
Administrative Assistant

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