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How We Use Integrative Treatments to Help Fix Damaged Cartilage?

Could Integrative Treatments Help with Cartilage Damage?

Integrative Treatment shows promising results and hopes of improvement for a range of conditions, and the future of regenerative medicine is looking brighter than ever. This even goes for the notorious cartilage damage, when not long ago, joint replacement surgery was the only way for patients with cartilage or any other kind of joint damage to experience any changes to their condition.

But now, a visit to a regenerative medicine center in San Diego which offers the most recent advances and innovations in Integrative Treatment may help repair cartilage damage and restore your health and your quality of life.

But first things first: what exactly is cartilage, what causes cartilage damage and what are the most effective methods to improve the condition?

What is Cartilage?

Cartilage is a type of human connective tissue. Despite being tough and flexible, it is relatively easy to damage. Ironically, in the process of protecting the bones, which is its primary function, the substance itself can suffer damage.

Is Cartilage Damage Serious?

Cartilage damage could be caused by:

Age-related cartilage damage happens naturally. Namely, cartilage will inevitably deteriorate as we grow old. It starts to lose its flexibility and over time becomes increasingly prone to damage. To make matters worse, adults have no mechanism to counteract cartilage damage: articular cartilage cannot regrow. It lacks the blood vessels needed to produce oxygenated red blood cells which could then reach damaged tissue.

One of the most frequently reported and potentially most serious types of cartilage damage is knee cartilage damage, since the knee is a weight-bearing joint. Patients who do nothing about knee cartilage damage could become unable to walk while their pain will gradually worsen. Even minor cartilage damage could get worse over time and lead to osteoarthritis.

Other symptoms that go hand in hand with cartilage damage include:

  • joint pain,
  • swelling,
  • stiffness,
  • inflammation,
  • limited mobility or loss of mobility.

Can Cartilage be Restored?

Cartilage does not have an innate ability to heal itself. In other words, a cartilage injury is permanent. Chances of improvement are higher in case of younger patients and minor cartilage damage that a patient has suffered recently is easier to heal. But even if you have suffered severe cartilage damage, there may still be hope: Integrative Treatments.

How Does Cartilage Regenerate?

Can cartilage regenerate or regrow at all? Not on its own. Unlike other types of tissue in the human body, cartilage does not have a blood supply, which makes the healing process all the more difficult.

Still, there is a chance to improve the condition. Aside from surgery which is usually considered the last resort, patients may seek improvement through physical therapy and the use of anti-inflammatory medication and steroids. Although these exercises cannot help cartilage regenerate, they could help strengthen muscles surrounding the joint and reduce the pressure on the cartilage itself.

Integrative Treatment injections are frequently combined with physical therapy and medication. Luckily, the innovations in regenerative medicine have led to emerging therapies and procedures for cartilage damage which may even stimulate new tissue growth.

Bringing Back Your Hope in Recovery When You Need it Most

All is not lost. Here at Fix Medical Group, we go above and beyond to bring our patients the latest in Integrative Treatment and use the most recent innovations in the field to their advantage. Our team has brought improvement to countless patients suffering from rotator cuff injuries, damaged knee cartilage and similar conditions.

We may help you feel better too, right here in San Diego. With our helpful team on your side, your process of recovery can start before you know it. Contact us to set up your initial appointment at the leading Integrative Treatment center in San Diego!

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