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Fix Medical Group's Running and Performance Camp

Whether you run for performance or run for enjoyment, you should always run injury free! It’s estimated that greater than 70% of all runners will experience an injury severe enough to limit their training for greater than one week during their careers.

Fix Medical Group’s new running performance clinic is aimed at runners who want to learn more about their running style and how to improve it. We believe a good running style can contribute to a speedier recovery time for running related injuries, to a reduction in the risk of future running-related injuries and to improved running performance. Some of what you will get during the camp is as follows:

  • Physiotherapy assessment of strength, flexibility and muscle balance
  • Comparison of your running style against the gait characteristics of the elite runners
  • Drills for running form and improvement
  • Strength exercises related to form
  • Discussion of shoes, gait and foot contact.

WHEN: Sunday March 2, 2014.

WHERE: Balboa Park beginning at 9 am and go to 11 am.

COST: $40. Space is limited and is available on a first come first serve basis.

To sign up please call the reception team at 619 727 6951 or stop in.

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