How Chiropractors Treat Neck and Back Pain

Back pain is terrible. When looking for relief from a professional chiropractor in San Diego or Scottsdale, you might already be familiar with the potential benefits. However, you might also want to know a little more about the most common techniques used to relieve back pain.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from a chiropractor.

The Logan Basic Technique

This technique has been developed to deal with body stress in the most comfortable way possible. Chiropractors use it to eliminate toxins that have built up in the bloodstream, due to various types of stress. It is performed by applying light but continual force on the spine.

The first step of the procedure is the analysis of the spine, in order to locate the source of the problem. Also, the chiropractor has to determine the best leverage points. After that, light pressure is applied to the suitable areas. The lighter the pressure, the more response is achieved.

The procedure is rather short, lasting from 10 to 15 minutes. However, the number of necessary treatments is different for every patient.

The Gonstead Adjustment Technique

Chiropractors using the Gonstead method can help with a wide range of health issues, primarily back and neck pain. The chiropractor begins by using the skin-on-skin approach to examine the patient’s spine. The focus of this technique is not on broad spinal adjustment, as with traditional chiropractic techniques. The chiropractor adjusts specific segments of the spine. Upon examining the spine, the chiropractor chooses the right spinal joint and applies the correct amount of pressure to align it. There is no twisting or rotation involved, which makes this procedure comfortable, as well as effective.

The Diversified Technique

This is the most common technique employed by Mission Valley chiropractic San Diego CA experts. It involves fast, shallow movements, rather than deep ones performed during a massage. It is during this method that you can hear that popping noise, associated with chiropractic care. This method is extremely efficient with treating neck and back pain, as it restores normal function and improves movement. It can bring the spinal joints back into alignment, easing the tension of the area. The patient should experience pain relief shortly after the therapy.

The Flexion Distraction Technique

This technique is less frequently performed than some of the mentioned above, but it is effective nonetheless. It focuses on adjusting the spine without applying force, so as to help the spine heal naturally. Combining osteopathy with chiropractic, it provides fast relief.

The goal of this method is to gently stretch the lower spine, and decompress it. A special table is used to separate different segments of the spine. By utilizing gentle pressure, the chiropractor improves the range of motion by restoring the proper alignment of the spinal joints. The movements are slow and repetitive. The procedure is almost completely pain-free, so it is suitable for patients recovering from spinal surgery.

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