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How Integrative Treatment Can Help with Back Pain

How Can Integrative Treatment Help You Manage Back Pain?

If you have ever had a back injury and experienced chronic back pain, you hardly need us to elaborate on the matter. Crippling back pain is a common issue that conventional medicine often fails to address properly. San Diego’s Integrative Treatment specialists are always looking for effective ways to help patients overcome pain and injury. Management of back pain in particular is among the key potential applications.

Everybody from construction workers to CEOs turn to the leading Integrative Treatment centers for answers that may help improve their back pain and related discomfort. So how can it help you reduce or overcome the debilitating pain in your back?

What is Integrative Treatment for Back Pain?

Integrative Treatment can potentially help patients deal with pain, discomfort and similar symptoms, enabling them to experience short or long-term improvement. Among the most common causes of back pain is spinal disc herniation, an increasingly common condition which we have been known to help patients overcome.

Why Go With Integrative Treatment For Pain Relief?

When overwhelmed with pain, patients are tempted to try whatever pain relief method works the fastest. However, while Integrative Treatment uses your own body’s growth factors to promote the healing process in a minimally invasive manner and without exposing you to unnecessary risks, conventional pain relief methods are not always your safest or your best course of action:

  • A typical go-to choice for patients looking to avoid surgery, such is the case with patients suffering from osteoarthritis and looking to avoid joint replacement surgery, pain medication may be effective at helping patients better manage pain, but there is a considerable risk to be mindful of: pain medication may reduce the body’s natural healing ability, which is just the opposite of what Integrative Treatment is designed to accomplish.
  • Painkillers may also lead to addiction and come with potentially dangerous side effects.
  • Surgery may help some patients make the most of their situation, but for others, undergoing surgery was a costly mistake that led to irreversible damage.
  • Patients usually think of surgery as their last resort due to its invasive nature, and the risk of complications only adds to their stress levels.

Does Integrative Treatment Work For Lower Back Pain?

PRP injections and other forms of injections used in the field of Integrative Treatment can potentially help patients manage, control and reduce lower back pain. Whether or not the procedure will be effective and to what extent depends on various factors. The patient may experience short or long-term relief, and factors such as the cause of the condition or the extent of damage caused by the injury may affect how effective the procedure will be.

Can PRP Be Used For Back Pain?

Absolutely. Aside from being used for back pain, typically lower back pain, PRP can be used to prevent spinal disc issues going forward. How effective PRP will or will not be in your particular case depends on the make-up of your PRP injections, the nature of your condition or injury, extent of damage and your body’s ability to respond to the procedure.

You deserve a better quality of life, we strive to give it to you

Integrative Treatment has a promising present and a promising future ahead, and San Diego’s leading Integrative Treatment specialists may use it to help stimulate your own natural healing response. Here at Fix Medical Group, we strive to tailor our procedures to our patients after examining them thoroughly and assessing their likelihood of success from a certain procedure.

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