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How to Detox Your Body

What is a Detox?

A crazy juice cleanse? Hoses up your backside and a residency in the bathroom?

No, it’s none of those things. A detox or detoxification is systematically removing known irritants from your diet so your organs have time to heal.

Now you may wonder, “Well, that’s all well and good but my organs are working just fine now, aren’t they?” If you are alive and kicking, yes they are working to some capacity… but ask yourself, would you rather have a brand new Ferrari or a model that is 5 years older?

Nostalgia aside, everyone is picking the brand new vehicle, but why? Better performance, of course! Considerations such as the brand new engine with zero miles on it, or every piece of the engine functioning exactly as it should. If your body has long since stopped resembling that Ferrari, how do you think the engine is looking? Don’t fret, we can still pull the E brake, make a 180 and hit the gas going in the right direction.

Let’s detox!

What Does This All Have to Do With a Detox

The organs in our gut are responsible for some heavy lifting in our body. 70% of our immune system lives inside of our gut (we will come back to that.) Many of the hormones in our body are released by organs in our gut or are directly impacted by what we eat.

Bad inflammation is your body fighting itself. Good inflammation is your body healing itself. Bad inflammation is caused by ingesting irritants like sugar, processed food, fried foods and other foreign substances. Since our body doesn’t know how to process these unnatural items, it attacks them (auto immunity- immune system fighting self) which is an inflammatory event. This bad inflammation runs havoc on our hormones, absorption of nutrients, our energy, mood, sleep and recovery.

How to Detox Your Body

By combining a proper nutrition plan with a system of removing irritants we can detoxify our organs. When we give them time off from the irritation they can regenerate, heal and resume their previous function (an ability our cars lack.)

While the irritants are away, we let the supplements play.

This is the time to rebuild the good gut bacteria and give the good guys a huge level up. You’ve probably heard that term way too many times, “good gut bacteria”. All you need to know is when we have a lot of good bacteria, we absorb more of the nutrients from our food or, use more of our fuel.

A true detox is about a 3 month process that you will never regret you did. Look no further than FIX for that when you are ready to Conquer from Within.

Start By Taking Chlorella

This is an algae and a badass superfood. Why you may ask? Because of something known as “chlorella like growth factor”. That’s the little nickname you get when your genes make you the fastest growing food on earth. Chlorella quadruples itself every 24 hours and that growth factor rubs off on your good gut bacteria. Not to mention it removes heavy metals from your blood and detoxifies your organs. What does the doctor recommend? 3 grams a day for 3 months.

Avoid Sugar

Minimum to make a dent in your detoxification process, is a week. Find a friend, enemy, family member or facebook group and commit. 1 week? 2? 30 days? Give your body a fighting chance.

Sauna Time

Sweating is our bodies natural form of detox and removing toxins. Spending time in a sauna 3x a week for 15 minutes, has been shown to have massive detox benefits. Lack of consistent sweating leads to a toxic load. Say what? Yes, our sweat has the highest concentration of toxins. In a study of Fibromyalgia patients, they experienced a 30-77% reduction in pain from sauna use alone. I’d say that’s a good anti-inflammatory method.

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