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How to Find the Right Personal Trainer For You

Like anything in life, personal trainers come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Whether you're just looking to get into shape, rehab from an injury or simply challenge yourself finding the right personal trainer for you is key.

Here are some of our recommendations to help you find the right personal trainer and get you where you want to be.

Set A Goal for Your Personal Training

To answer the question how to find a good personal trainer, it’s important to determine why you want to work out with a personal trainer in the first place. Take your time to think about what you wish to achieve with physical exercises. Would you like to lose some weight or you need to tone up and get stronger? Maybe you want to lead a healthier life.

Another crucial question is “How you measure the results?” That’s why you should make your goal measurable. This way, you will have a solid base to find a good personal trainer who is experienced, skilled, and dedicated to helping you achieve the desired results.

When you know what you want, it will be easier to find it. Remember, a personal trainer is a trained professional who you can turn to for help and guidance anytime! Together, you can set your fitness goals, and then reach them!

Find the Right Place to Train

A large gym usually offers a wide range of equipment, more class options, different promotions and deals, or even a membership with multiple locations. However, bigger studios are more likely to be overcrowded during the rush hours.

On the other side, local small gyms can offer you more options when it comes to schedule and training availability. Also, in a smaller studio, you can enjoy an intimate atmosphere and get to know the stuff better.

All in all, you need to find a gym where you will feel good and where your needs are listened to and responded to. Many folks like to either pick a gym closer to home or to work for convenience. Whatever works for you, make it as easy on yourself as possible to simply get to your personal trainer.

Do Your Homework

Once you’ve figured out your goal and found a gym where you’d like to train, it’s time to get one step closer to finding the right trainer. In other words, research potential trainers.

Nowadays, many gyms have a website where you can check trainers’ bios or social media pages where you can get current insights. Try to find some testimonials and check how trainer’s experience aligns with your objectives.

Consider it an upgrade to the previously solid base to find a good personal trainer.

Test the Personal Training Waters

Now it’s time for action! When you’ve found your perfect match, you should test the water before you invest your time and money.

Book a free trial class with your personal trainer and take the opportunity to ask him or her everything you need to know and more importantly ask how they would train you in order to achieve your goals.

This way, you’ll have the chance to find out the training style of your coach and if that person is a good personal trainer for you.

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