Long-Term Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Most people wrongly assume that chiropractic care is only efficient for lower-back and neck pain. Chiropractic may have focused solely on these issues at its onset but has since significantly expanded its scope of application. As traditional medicine progressed so did chiropractic; new insights into the functioning of the nervous and the immune system opened up many possibilities for chiropractic care to evolve.

The musculoskeletal system and its effect on the whole body are chiropractic focal points, with chiropractors regarded as specialists in musculoskeletal injuries. Additionally, chiropractors focus on how the issues in the nervous system affect the musculoskeletal system and vice versa.

At Fix Medical Group, our San Diego chiropractors and Scottsdale chiropractors are trained in techniques that boost the wellness and well-being of the whole body in addition to the directly treated areas, such as the lower back or neck. Still, there are certain ailments that are reserved for MDs, such as infections, fractures, broken bones, tumor and surgeries in general.

Let’s take a look at the areas in which chiropractic has proved its long-term efficiency.

Lower-Back Pain

To relieve the patient’s pain in the lower back, chiropractors adjust the vertebrae in the lumbar spine. Spinal manipulation is especially effective at relieving lower-back pain when applied in combination with the Active Release Technique (ART).

Lower-back pain is the second most common reason for people in the US to visit the doctor, and 60%-80% people are estimated to suffer from lower-back pain at some point in their lifetime. What’s more, it’s also the third most common reason for surgical procedures in the US, mostly due to not getting treated before the condition worsened.

Nevertheless, there are many different causes of pain in the lower back, established almost on an individual patient-to-patient basis. If you experience lower-back pain at any point, you should seek a reliable chiropractor serving Carmel Valley area that will examine you carefully and devise a tailor-made plan for your treatment.

Neck Pain

A study conducted by the Annals of Internal Medicine found that chiropractic care, as well as doing exercise, is more efficient at relieving neck pain than traditional painkillers. Sometimes, the pain in the neck area is actually coming from the shoulders, which is something a patient cannot assess on their own but has to see a good chiropractor. The chiropractor is equipped not only to discover the root of the problem but also to cure it.


Neck and upper-back discomfort can sometimes be the primary causes for headaches. This is where neck manipulation can help because it loosens up the muscles, relieves the built-up tension and consequently helps to alleviate a headache. Some studies even suggest that chiropractic care is efficient at treating chronic-type headaches.

Pregnancy Wellness

More and more pregnant women are turning to chiropractic care to deal with physiological and endocrinological changes that happen in their bodies in pregnancy. Some chiropractors choose to specialize in prenatal care and pregnancy wellness, although all chiropractors are trained to offer chiropractic care to pregnant women. Chiropractic treatment in pregnancy helps to establish pelvic balance, deal with bad posture, avoid intrauterine constraint and contribute to the labor being faster and less painful.

Problems With Digestion

Did you know that (im)proper digestion can be affected by the nerves in the chest and abdominal region of the spine? Various studies have shown a correlation between stomach problems and thoracic disc herniation, an issue originating in the area located between the spinal bones.

Misaligned thoracic vertebrae are also a known cause of bloating, gas and heartburn. Chiropractic care helps to keep the spine aligned, thoracic spine included, and thus helps to prevent digestive problems.

Blood Pressure

Studies done by the University of Chicago showed a correlation between high blood pressure and misaligned vertebra. After just one chiropractic session, the patients experienced a drop in their blood pressure, almost as if they had taken two blood pressure pills at once. Note that chiropractic care cannot be the substitute for traditional blood pressure medications.

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