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What is a Sports Massage?

Many folks have heard of a deep tissue or soft tissue massages, but few outside of the sports world know what a sports massage is. Today we are going to explain exactly what this mysterious massage technique is and whether it might be good for you to try.

What Is a Sport Massage

In the simplest sense, a sports massage is a style or technique of massage designed to help improve athletic performance and prevent injuries while playing sports. You'll often see athletes on the sidelines being treated by an athletic trainer on the side. Typically these are sports massages they are performing.

How Does A Sports Massage Work

Typically a registered massage therapist will assess the frequency and types of activity a patient performs. From there, they can target specific areas of the body and muscle groups to help an athlete for their specific sport.

Sports massage therapy focuses on the prevention and healing of injuries to your muscles and tendons by encouraging the circulation of blood and lymph and by reducing muscle tension. By improving circulation sports massage is both preventative and restorative.

Preventative Vs Restorative Massage Therapy

Similar to differences in chiropractic treatment, Preventative sports massage can help to prevent buildup of lactic acid in muscles, help prevent cramps, and decrease the risk of injury. Restorative sports massage can relieve muscle tension, improve recovery time, keep muscles and tendons flexible, and enhance training. Consequently, sports massage can support an athlete for optimum performance by reducing muscle tension and inflammation and by increasing flexibility, range of movement and endurance.

Sports massage can be divided into four categories:

1. Pre-event

Pre-event sports massage is given prior to engaging in intense competitive physical activity. It serves to prepare the athlete for peak performance and increased endurance.

2. Post-event

Post-event sports massage is delivered after periods of intense physical activity. Usually given within two hours of activity he goal is to promote healing and recovery and to help the body maintain homeostasis.

3. Restorative

Restorative sports massage is provided during training to allow the athlete to train with greater intensity and endurance with a decreased risk of injury.

4. Rehabilitative

Rehabilitative sports massage can be delivered at any time and id focused on relieving the pain and inflammation caused by a sports injury. It has the specific goal of accelerating healing and recovery.

Is a Sports Massage Right For You

If you are in San Diego or Scottsdale and in need a sports massage therapist, give us a call today. Whether you are just running around your neighborhood or preparing for the olympics, our team at Fix Medical Group can help you.

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