What to Do After Physical Therapy

Finishing physical therapy is only the first, albeit the most important, step in the process of your recovery. Coming

back after an injury is difficult, and although you might want to speed up your recovery process as much as possible, some things just take time.

Going to personal training sessions after physical therapy is one thing you can do. There are also alternatives to personal training. Let’s see about your options after PT.

What Should I Do After Physical Therapy?

If you’ve been undergoing physical therapy with a member of the American Chiropractic Association, it means you’ve probably sustained an injury. If that’s true, you’re probably wondering how you can continue after it.

Now, the single biggest false assumption people make is that once you’re done with physical therapy that’s it, you can go back to your “old ways” the next day. But, that’s not true. Physical therapy is only the first step on the road to complete recovery.

Yes, you should exercise after physical therapy, but you should do more than just hit the gym and do as you used to. First, think about the following three steps, and then we’ll work from there.

  1. Set your goals – Be realistic about the goals you set after physical therapy. Start off small, and work your way up. Try to first restore the function of the afflicted area to its former state, and then think about the rest of it.
  2. Consult an expert – The best person to consult before getting back at it is the chiropractor who’s been working with you during the tough times. Ask his or her opinion on what to do after physical therapy, and how to go back to exercise properly to avoid injury.
  3. Start slowly – Finally, whatever you do, start slowly. Don’t rush it, because, if you do, you’re risking it all happening all over again. Baby steps first, big strides second.

Can I Workout After Physical Therapy?

Yeah, as we’ve said, you can start working out again after finishing your physical therapy. But, again, we have to emphasize that you take it slowly in the beginning, and that you should in no way overdo it.

But, seeing as you already know all that, let’s take a closer look at all the reasons why exercising after physical therapy, especially with a personal trainer, is not only acceptable, but advisable.

  1. Muscles – When you sustain an injury and undergo physical therapy, your muscles will not be as they were at the end of it. Working out after therapy is a good way to rebuild your muscle mass.
  2. Bone strength – A serious injury can cause you to have a sedentary lifestyle for an extended period of time. During that time, your bones suffer too, and working out after physical therapy is a great way to get your bone density and strength back up.
  3. Metabolism – Working out increases the health of your metabolism, which is essential for your overall health and fitness.
  4. Discomfort – Although it usually doesn’t happen, you can experience a level of discomfort after undergoing physical therapy. Working out can help you get rid of that, but make sure to keep it slow and safe.
  5. Mental health – Finally, going back to your exercising routine after sustaining an injury and undergoing physical therapy is a great way to get your mental health back to normal after a period of trials and tribulations.

Importance of a Personal Training Routine

If you’re eager to get back out there, but still feel like you need some help, opting for a personal trainer is a great option. And, if you’re looking for the best personal trainers, you should definitely turn to Fix Medical Group.

We not only offer the finest chiropractic and physical therapy services, we will also create a training routine perfect for you. For more information about what to do after physical therapy, contact us and see if we can organize a consultation.

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