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What to Know Before Getting a Personal Trainer

Getting yourself in shape and motivating yourself to go to the gym can sometimes be a drag. This is true regardless of your goals and overall condition and shape. One of the ways to make sure you persist is to hire a personal trainer in San Diego.

Personal training San Diego can make a whole world of difference when recovering from an injury or getting back in shape. But if you do decide to go for it, there is a certain personal training etiquette which should be followed.

The quality of your personal trainer client relationship will impact the overall effects and progress of your training sessions. Here are some things to consider.


When you decide to hire a personal trainer, you are the one who is paying and receiving a service. However, this doesn’t mean there are no rules to follow. When you have a determined schedule with your trainer, try to stick with it, not just for the workout benefits. If there is something important or unavoidable preventing you from coming to a scheduled session, make your trainer know in advance.

This is also desirable when it comes to coming late. Sometimes, you simply cannot make it in time, or at all. As we value our time, so do personal trainers and their time equals money in the literal sense. They have a schedule which needs to be coordinated and you will create problems if you don’t let them know of any changes.

Also, when going to a training session, the least bit of courtesy is not to come hungover or unable to work out at all.


As in many other areas of life, communicating in the gym has its dos and don’ts. Loud grunting noises and yelling are inappropriate, regardless of whether you are doing individual personal training sessions or not.

When it comes to talking with your trainer, the situation is somewhat different. A good personal trainer client relationship is one where both are relaxed and can speak their mind. This however, doesn’t mean that you need to be buddies, simply discuss your training and whatever else topic suits you both.

One key thing to avoid is answering your phone and talking loudly in the middle of the session.


Hygiene is very important in training sessions because you will not be alone and you need to consider how you look and smell. Everybody gets sweaty after a workout, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be clean when you come in.

There isn’t a strict clothing policy for personal training sessions, but you should be aware of inappropriate clothes. These mainly include shorts of inadequate length or no undergarments in situations where you need stretching. Come showered and wearing deodorant, but not too much.

Also, keep a towel near you so you don’t drip sweat all around and wipe the equipment you use after you are done.


When it comes to a quality personal trainer client relationship, Fix Medical Group has got you covered. Our team includes professional, experienced personal trainers who will help you with your training, no matter what your end goal is.

Our trainers have different professional backgrounds and experience, so we guarantee you can find the one that is a great fit for your fitness needs and requirements. For more information on what you need from a personal trainer, contact us.

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