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Why Fix Fitness works

The Fix Fitness program works because the people who designed it were once sitting where you are now. The entire Fix Medical Group team is made up of doctors and fitness experts who, at some point, made the decision to make a change. And if we can do it, so can you.
When we designed this program, we were diligent about our research. Combining that research with hands-on knowledge and experience has allowed us to create a motivating fitness program that helps you reach your goals.

We’re with you the whole way, guiding you step-by-step, through the foundational phases of the program. We show you how to build functional muscle that helps you move the way your body is supposed to. We balance your hormones for optimal function and an improvement in overall health. But most importantly, we educate you on how to maintain your success long after the program is over.

San Diego Chiropractor
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Phase 1: Fix Foundations

Fix Foundations is all about priming your movement patterns and training your nervous system recruitment, all while improving your mobility. We’re teaching your body how to move in the proper way and stimulating your muscles to function the way they were designed.

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Phase 2: Fix Force

Fix Force helps you build upon the foundation you achieved in Phase 1: Fix Foundations, and focuses on strength, stability and power. By increasing the intensity, resistance and volume of your workouts, we will systematically stimulate muscle hypertrophy (aka. growth) and prepare your body for higher intensity workouts that await you in Phase 3. We will be burning fat on top of building strength and power, so brace yourself and step up your game.

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Phase 3: Fix Fire

The final phase of the Fix Fitness program are designed to push your body to new levels. All your hard work from Fix Foundations and Fix Force will have laid the groundwork for your success in this phase. We’re picking up the speed and ramping up the intensity, so get ready to feel more powerful, have more energy, and enjoy your new healthy body.

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Straight Forward Pricing

Start With a Complete Wellness Evaluation
Tell us your story. We're here to listen. Our goal is to understand where you’ve been and determine where you want to go. A thorough assessment will help us determine the best care for you so we can create a custom plan for your needs. As your partner in health we will take this journey together.
Therapy visits can be added for $120/session
Performance Care Packages
Our performance care plans are personalized to your needs, combining the best modalities and therapist for you. This allows our team to get to know you and your body as well as your story. With structural pain gone we can build the new you.
12 Care Sessions for $1200
24 Care Sessions for $2300
Intensive Performance
For those who need the edge over the competition, it’s time to go!

Get 1-on-1 extended sessions of hands-on therapy with the countries most elite providers. Get treated just like the professionals.
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