Stem Cell Injections San Diego
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Stem Cell Injections in San Diego

San Diego Stem Cell Injections

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At Fix Medical Group, we use the power of stem cell injections in San Diego to help patients who suffer from a range of medical conditions and degenerative diseases. This breakthrough approach could prove to be your best course of action in response to both acute and chronic injuries. Our team has the technology and expertise to free you from pain and discomfort. You can count on our dedication to you and our commitment to enhancing your chance of recovery. Remember, you’re not alone. Find relief with Fix Medical Group.

San Diego Stem Cell Injections

Repair Tissue Damage

Stem cell injections in San Diego can effectively repair tissue damage due to illness or injury.

Stem Cell Injections in San Diego

Relieve Joint Pain

For patients with chronic issues, such as arthritis, stem cell injections can relieve pain.

Stem Cell Injections San Diego CA

Promote Recovery

Stem cell injections give patients the ability to enhance recovery and get back to where they once were.

See what Stem Cells can do for you

Stem cells are astonishing in their ability to assume the behavior, properties, and characteristics of surrounding cells. They are the building blocks of all human tissues and have the potential to rebuild and repair the body by transforming into virtually any specialized cell type.

Stem cells are directly injected into the injured or damaged tissue. These injections can lead to an improvement in the movement and function of the joint, a reduction of inflammation and swelling, a decrease or elimination of pain, and even potential regrowth of soft tissue.


Pain after an injury is the result of damaged tissues. Stem cell injections can help facilitate the process of tissue repair and regeneration so you can get out of pain and back to where you once were. Let's better manage your pain and improve joint functionality, repair injured or damaged knee tissue, regrow cartilage, soothe back pain, and enhance the healing process of shoulder injuries. The versatility of our San Diego stem cell injections are the reason this option is one of the most in-demand methods of joint pain management.

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Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder where the body's immune system attacks its own tissue and joints. For many patients, this debilitating disease causes pain and deformity in the hands and feet. Progressive medicine injections can be used to manage the pain caused by this chronic condition, offer long-lasting results, and improve a patient’s quality of life.

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The flexible, protective tissue at the ends of bones is called cartilage. Osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, occurs when this cartilage wears down over time. The most common symptoms are pain in the joints of hands, neck, lower back, knees or hips. Medications, physical therapy, and even surgery can be recommended to reduce pain and maintain joint movement. But San Diego stem cell injections offer a non-surgical option to help regrow cartilage, improve joint functionality, and get you back to where you were.

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