Feeling discomfort and Not Sure why?

Check Your Symptoms

Lots of people experience pain or discomfort and, over time, learn to live with it. But pain is a sign that something is wrong. Listen to your body, and educate yourself on why you might be hurting and what you can do to get back to normal.

Head & Neck Pain

From chronic migraines to pinched nerves, Fix can help you figure out the source of your head or neck pain.

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Shoulders & Upper Back

Whether you have torn cartilage, a rotator cuff injury, or tendinitis, shoulder pain is no match for the team at Fix.

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Chest & Pecs

If your posture or shoulders are suffering, it's time to give your chest some attention. Share your goals with your Fix coach and see results.

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Abs & Stomach

From inflammation and stomach issues to simply strengthening your core, Fix customizes your program specifically for your needs.

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Lower Back

The lower back or lumbar commonly sees injury. Our team can help diagnose the problem and find a solution to your pain.

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Hands, Wrists, arms & Elbows

Carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and other injuries that affect the hands, wrists, arms and elbows can be debilitating. Fix has your solution.

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Legs & Knees

Knees and legs have a big job to do, which makes injuries common. Get your ailment resolved so they can get back to work.

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Ankles & Feet

Shin splints, ankles sprains, or plantar fasciitis are signs that you need a custom training program. Fix has one for you.

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